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"The Flint Hills of Kansas remain true to their unique and nationally important story as a well preserved and sustainable Tallgrass prairie living landscape."


"To increase the economic base of the region and the state through the promotion and marketing of the Kansas Flint Hills."

The Flint Hills Tourism Coalition is an alliance of tourism and hospitality partners from various industries in the 22 counties of the Flint Hills, along with support from the Kansas Tourism. Since its inception, the Flint Hills Tourism Coalition has, among many accomplishments:

  • Implemented a Flint Hills branding strategy, created a Flint Hills logo and tag line

  • Completed an initial inventory of the natural resources in the region

  • Initiated a Flint Hills Heritage Story Collection Project; received an Oral History Project Grant from the Kansas Humanities Council

  • Produced and distributed a Flint Hills Heritage brochure

  • Conducted a series of workshops so heritage, preservation, marketing and agritourism with partner organizations

  • Cooperated with the KDOT on planning and placement of the four Interstate Flint Hills Monuments and on additional related signage throughout the Kansas Flint Hills

  • Began publishing a Quarterly Flint Hills Heritage Newsletter

  • Begun to explore the feasibility of a national heritage area designation for the region

  • Begun to explore the feasibility of a visitors center in the Flint Hills

  • Launched this website

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